yoursithlord (yoursithlord) wrote in battlenet,

Battlenet Community

To the Community,

Welcome one and all, to the Battlenet Community on Livejournal.
This community is dedicated to fans of Blizzard Entertainment and the games it produces.

Membership is open, and the Forum is currently in an unmoderated state. Have fun and enjoy yourselves as you make new friends, allies and gaming buddies.

Forum Rules are as Follows:

-- Please keep vulgar content to a minimum within posts and comments.
-- Please try not to attack each other personally, but criticism to posts and statement is more than ok and to be encouraged.
-- For posts involving large pictures or more than 1 pages of text, please put them under a cut.
-- No, what-so-ever posting of indecent pictures.. please no pornography in this community unless it is somehow by chance game related, and even then put it under an lj-cut.
-- If you're having a problem with any member please contact a Moderator or myself.
-- And Most of All have fun, and enjoy this as an Open Forum for Communication!!

Community Admin -- yoursithlord
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can ne1 give me free gems/runes??
hmm i am a finalgamer28dh(dark hunter clan) and I play diablo the first game for pc. I am level 17 warrior. Nice to meet all who play diablo and diablo 2 from Its all good. Im game lol
I play diablo(and i'm a girl)lol........Can I join ur community, or is this friends a lvl 17 or 18 acc name is squirelf_cker and my char name is immortal_kaos08 and im a ladder char and I have one non ladder char that i made so i could go ina room w/ ppl i know who r non ladders!!! point of this...can i join ur community?
srry no my char name is immortal_kaos no 08